Plans For Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreigners

‘Komplexní zdravotní pojištění cizinců’ Act No. 326/19999

For your financial security and for obtaining a foreigners’ visa or residence permit in the Czech Republic

Your choice of 3 plans designed for your budget and needs that meet or exceed the legal requirements for obtaining a foreigners’ visa or residence permit in the Czech Republic.Pre-existing conditions are not covered
nor transferable if you change plans in the future.

Gold Plan

This exclusive health plan in partnership with Access HMO is designed to meet your specific needs in the Czech Republic and most Countries Worldwide and is only available on this website.

Gold Plus+  Extends Worldwide Coverage to also include the
USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau.

For those who expect high quality health care that exceeds the legal requirement with direct and fast access to the most qualified doctors, medical specialists and hospitals Locally and Worldwide.

These Private Clinics Accept our Access HMO Gold Plan

We Invite Your Doctor to Join our ever growing Provider Network


  • Pre-Existing Conditions are excluded

  • Maximum Benefit 20,000,000.CZK per year

  • Accepted at all Hospitals & Clinics Worldwide including the Czech Republic

  • Your choice of ANY licensed doctor with immediate appointments scheduled

  • Psychiatric benefit available

VZP for Foreigners’ Gold/EXCLUSIVE Comprehensive Medical Insurance plan is the first private medical insurance for foreigners that is completely identical in its scope to public medical insurance in the Czech Republic meets western insurance standards with immediate access to the combined VZP+/AccessHMO Provider Network of vetted doctors – the largest network of doctors and all hospitals in the country with unlimited access to and our 24-hour Helpline.

These plans are customized and priced to meet your individual needs. You may choose either Gold plan. Please contact us and speak with a qualified representative for full details.

(EXCLUSIVE is underwritten and administrated by Pojišťovna VZP, a.s. ACCESS Global  is reinsured by and underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corp. administrated by AccessHMO)

Silver Plan

For those who want to satisfy the legal requirement with access to selected doctors, medical specialists and all hospitals in the Czech Republic
  • Comprehensive plan to meet your visa requirement

  • Health services, including repatriation and transportation

  • Maximum Benefit: 1,700,000. CZK or € 60,000.

  • Prescrition Medication covered to 5,000. CZK

  • Emergency (pain relief) dental care covered to 5,000. CZK, all other dental care – not covered

  • Term of Coverage 4 Months – 5 Years

  • Pre-Existing Conditions are Excluded

Accepted at all hospitals and select doctors and specialists from the PVZP network. You will have access to our 24-hour Helpline, but limited access to Doctor appointments may take up to 2 weeks to schedule. Emergency care and Ambulance are immediately covered.

(underwritten and administrated by Pojišťovna VZP, a.s)

Bronze Plan

For those who need to satisfy the legal requirement at the lowest cost
  • Comprehensive plan to meet your visa requirement

  • Basic health services, including repatriation and transportation

  • Maximum Benefit: 1,600,000. CZK or € 60,000.

  • Term of Coverage 3-36 Months

  • Pre-Existing Conditions are Excluded

Basic comprehensive medical insurance with an emphasis on emergency treatment, including ambulance and repatriation. By design, this plan meets only the bare minimum health insurance requirements for obtaining a Visa or Residency Permit in the Czech Republic.

We recommend this plan only for those who already have superior foreign health insurance coverage or Public VZP via their Živnostenský list (aka “Zivno”) or those willing to self insure their own major medical expenses. Like other low-cost health insurance plans, your access to doctors and hospitals is limited. For doctors office visits expect to wait 3 weeks for an appointment or pay out of pocket if needed sooner.

Emergency care and ambulance are immediately covered.

(underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance, S.A. reinsured by Pojišťovna VZP, a.s.)